What is a Captive Vendor Program?
It's complete outsourcing of your customer financing needs.
Benefits of a Captive Vendor Program
If you answer "yes" to the following, you need Culver.
Why Culver’s Approach is Different
This is not your typical vendor program. Learn why.

Culver Captive Services

Culver Captive Services is different than any other “leasing” group that you’ve worked with because we are not a leasing company. We are a management company that provides the full array of customer financing services needed to successfully manage a captive program.

Working for You
Our structure is such that we work for you, our client, not a large funding institution. We bring in a consortium of funding institutions best suited for your product and customer base. From our over 25 years of experience we know that there is no one lending group that can handle all of your needs and sourcing and managing this group is a big part of the success of your program.

We Deal with Market Changes
Experience shows that this group of lenders will vary year to year and the key to any successful program is to constantly be in the market to insure there is enough funding to handle the program needs while keeping a consistent “face” to your customers, one origination process with multiple funding outlets.