Case Studies

Learn how Culver has helped other companies put together a complete finance strategy that will put your finance program a seamless operation.


Case: Healthcare Vendor

Sales Training and Customer-Centric Finance Programs

Our medical equipment vendor represented the best the industry had to offer. Unfortunately, they only had a 7 to 8% market share, competing with global brands like GE, who resided in the 20 to 35% market share range.  After setting up a Captive Program with them, two problems were identified: (1) Sales reps had the ability to sell to the technical buyer, but did not possess the skills to sell to the financial buyer and (2) the finance programs setup did not fit the goals of the customers.  A program was put into place to successfully sell to the economic buyer (hospital administrators rather than doctors) and created finance programs that matched finance payments to organization revenues.  The combination of creating, implementing and maintaining these two program adjustments resulted in our vendor growing to 44% in market share, becoming the industry leader.


Case: Software Vendor

“Get Customer’s Off the Fence”

Rolling out new software with a $10 to $15 million price tag caused the sales cycle to greatly lengthen which resulted in large discounting. To remedy this situation, a cash-flow positive finance program was implemented and offered to customers.  The financial justification was built into the program, allowing the customer could see a positive ROI ahead of making payments.  With the new finance program, they was able to immediately capture $25M in stalled sales.


Case: Technology Vendor

Higher Efficiencies = Higher Margins

As a leader in product quality and manufacturing in the voicemail systems market, Our vendor was missing sales opportunities without having an in-house finance program.  Only offering cash sales, they were not effective and efficient in selling upgrade opportunities due to the cost after the initial sale – but their competitors were.  The Captive Service program put in place not only increased their market share, but the upgrade process through the in-house financial program increased efficiency and resulted in higher sales and margins.