Our experienced leasing professionals take the time to understand your customers, design a leasing solution that’s right for them and help you implement it successfully in the sales process.

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Deal Structuring

Culver Programs are vendor driven – they are designed to benefit our customers (vendors) and our vendor’s customers and not the financial institution. Programs will be structured that make your products and services easier to buy for your clients.

Our programs provide:

  • Increased deal size
  • Reduced sales cycle
  • Improved ROI and payback
  • Improved compliance management
  • Increased enterprise sales
  • Improved competitive displacements

Value-Based Programs

Customer’s need to justify their investment in your technology. We help build the business case to move those prospects into customers.

  • Quantify key business benefits with customer, external sources and internal experts
  • Modeling for cost-benefit analysis
  • Business case analysis
  • ROI related collateral along with benchmark data
  • Market value based pricing analysis

Pricing & Licensing

Culver creates pricing optimization models to help vendors make the right pricing decisions and show how it affects their business. The impact pricing has on business is more crucial than ever. As customer demand migrates towards perpetual and subscription based programs, the importance of pricing and profitability can define the future success of today’s technology-based companies.

Sales Training

Putting together a premier captive services program requires a premier training program. We will train your sales team and provide the necessary collateral to ensure program success.

  • ROI Models
  • Lead Generation Tols
  • TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Pricing Tools
  • Quote and Proposal Tools
  • Presentations and Slides