Culver Captive Services mission is to manage the entire Customer Financing needs of its clients. This includes the traditional financing of individual customer financings but goes well beyond:

Sales Training

Training your sales team on how the “financial sale” can increase margins and shorten sales cycles.


Origination support to work with your sales team in completing the sale of the financing and the documentation.

Funding Sources

Market priced financing for your transactions provided by a consortium of funding sources matched specifically to the transaction.


Servicing “internally funded” transactions including the billing/collections and all tax reporting and filings.

In addition, we offer other services such as:

  • An underwriting of your customer base and the design of a multi-tiered
    financing model in order to provide customer financing for all of your customers
  • The design of market specific financing programs met to address the individual
    needs and sales objections of your customers
  • Sales training for your sales team on how to properly sell financing as part
    of your overall sale, how to approach the economic buyer early on in the
    sales process to determine budget availability and the proper budget (capital
    or operating) for your sale and how to reduce discounting
  • Development of ROI models that depict for your customer the economic benefits of
    your product and quantify the return it provides to them
    Technical expertise for tax, accounting and legal issues regarding the financing
    program for both the customer and the vendor
  • Back office services including portfolio management (billing and collecting for
    your customers) all taxes (sales, use and property), and all accounting reports for
    your portfolio

Culver Captive Services is different than any other “leasing” group that you’ve worked with because we are not a leasing company. We are a management company that provides the full array of customer financing services needed to successfully manage a captive program. Our structure is such that we work for you our client not a large funding institution. We bring in a consortium of funding institutions best suited for your product and customer base. From our over 25 years of experience we know that there is no one lending group that can handle all of your needs and sourcing and managing this group is a big part of the success of your program. Experience shows that this group of lenders will vary year to year and the key to any successful program is to constantly be in the market to insure there is enough funding to handle the program needs while keeping a consistent “face” to your customers, one origination process with multiple funding outlets.

As part of our management contract we agree not to work with any of your competitors. This allows us to work with you like an employee. This increases the effectiveness of any program.

Being able to leverage off the various expertise within the Culver Group (credit, debt placement, deal structuring, portfolio servicing, sales training, origination management, accounting, tax, etc.) is far more cost effective than managing a program yourself.